All Kits Academy Instructors are experienced at delivering age appropriate curriculum sessions for all years. They hold specific services qualifications, full enhanced DBS checks, safe guarding certified, and are emergency aid trained.

Full Time Instructors:

Christopher Hunt – Director –
 Chris is the founder of Kits Academy. After studies at Coventry University the sports service has grown into a market leader for Physical Educational Services within a range of communities. Chris has a vast experience of delivering sessions for all abilities from the Programmes we offer.

CJ Joiner – Director – CJ is a director in Kits Academy which shows in his enthusiasm for getting children active. CJ has experience in a diverse range of Sports which shows through to his Sports qualifications. He liaises with educational providers and organises the administrational needs for school holiday bookings. He has had a successful playing career in Futsal, competing at the highest level and also has a proven track record in sports management and marketing.

Paul King – Director – Paul has a weather of knowledge in outdoor pursuits and has a passion for encouraging children to explore the natural world. As an important member of the team Paul has valued input into the creation and delivery of our Programmes with new activities being introduced all the time.

IMG_7834George – Manager

George is loved by many of the children for his character, enthusiasm and active interaction in delivering sessions. Along with his role in Sports coaching George promotes our Programmes and Educational Services to Schools, Nurseries / Children’s Centre’s in the area forming delivery objectives & projects. He works closely with CJ to ensure all criteria of the Programmes are met. George’s mother is a full time child minder so he is very experienced with younger children.

In his free time George is a Semi Professional Goalkeeper for Nuneaton Griff FC. George has always had a passion for playing a good standard of Football and has had many trials for professional clubs. He also has an interest in other sports such as horse riding, lacrosse and hand ball.
IMG_7837Dominic – Sports Coaching Delivery Assessor 

Dominic is a very competent and disciplined. He delivers a high standard of coaching and is continually developing his skills and qualifications in a vast range of sports which rise up to a Level 3 Football UEFA B qualification. Dominic has been coaching for a number of years and has built up a wealth of experience. As part of Dominic’s role within Kits Academy he also supervises and assists fellow Instructors to ensure our high standards of service are met at all times in an assessor capacity.

This is added to by his continually involvement in Coventry City FC Academy.

In his free time Dominic plays Semi Professional Football. Dominic has always had a passion for playing a good standard of Football and has had many trials for professional clubs. Along with his interest in Football he also partakes in other Sports such as Tennis and Archery which he has played since he was young.

IMG_7797William – Human Resources 

Will is an experienced and enthusiastic individual with a passion for encouraging children to try new sports. Will has built up a vast range of Sports qualifications including Fencing, Archery and Trampolining from his time studying at Southampton Solent University & currently plays for an established hockey team at a very competitive level. In addition to Will’s instructor role within Kits Academy he also is responsible for assessment criteria on new members of staff and CPD training. This ensures our high standards of service are met at all times.

 Cherelle – Performing Arts Delivery Assessor 

Cherelle is a popular Performing Arts and Creative Games Instructor who leads the Performing Arts sector through her invaluable experience in all forms of Dance. Along with her Performing Arts qualifications Cherelle has individual qualifications in all the main areas of Dance from Street Dance to Drama including a School specific Gymnastics and Trampolining certificates.

As part of Cherelle’s role within Kits Academy she also supervises and assists fellow Instructors to ensure our high standards of service are met at all times in an assessor capacity.

  Ryan is a well motived Instructor who is in charge of delivering our bespoke Active Lifestyle Programme. The Programme provides children with a unique understanding of health and wellbeing aiming to develop participants core skills through interactive practical exercises. Ryan holds an array of governing body sport qualifications and is experienced at leading age appropriate National Curriculum sessions for all years.

In his free time Ryan has a passion for Table Tennis which he both competes and instructs to a high level. He is currently ranked fourth in the region at adult level.

IMG_7842Paul  Paul is a very caring individual which comes across in his personality. Along side Paul’s Sports Science studies at St. Marys University College he held responsibilities as a support worker assisting clients of different disabilities, administering physiotherapy and medication. During Paul’s Sports Science degree he gained experience from different sport and eduction settings which assisted him greatly. Paul’s passion for sport mirrors his ability to deliver diverse Programmes to children of all ages. Having graduated with a BSC in Sports Science Paul is now a knowledgeable and experienced Instructor.

Paul has also been given a promotion to assist George with co-ordinating schedulings which we hope Paul will develop into.

Ewan  Ewan is a very energetic and motivated Instructor with a range of skills and abilities. Having completed his studies in sport Ewan offered his services at his local Rugby Club. Having great success with a wide variety of age bands Ewan deepened his Instructor experience by gaining further association qualifications to allow him to lead a spectrum of sporting activities, developing into a full time Instructor with Kits Academy.

Ewan has played Rugby to a high level, playing for East Midlands on a number of occasions.

Zoe  Zoe is a confident and enthusiastic individual who has a great passion for coaching. Through her wealth of experience Zoe has developed a unique style of coaching whilst meeting all areas of the National Curriculum. She delivers a high standard of delivery and is continually developing her skills and qualifications in a vast range of sports.




Cezary – Cezary has always held a passion for Sport. After excelling in his time at School Cezary has been awarded a place on our Apprenticeship NVQ Sports Leadership Course. The course guides Cezary through both the academic and practical sides of delivering Sport in educational settings. Along with this Cezary has a real passion for Fitness and Kick Boxing where he competes to a national level, recently qualifying to represent Great Britain in the WFMC World Championships. With Cezary’s passion for Kick Boxing comes a level of respect and discipline that is demonstrated in both his personality and coaching ability.



Ashley – Ashley is a very confident Instructor who holds a wealth of experience within Sport, Performance and Excellence. Ashley’s experience is evident through the high standards of Programme delivery for children of all ages and abilities. Ashley holds an array of governing body sport qualifications is able to deliver a wide variety of Programmes.

Ashley has representing West Bromwich Albion Football Club at youth team level and participates in other sports in his free time.


Emily – Emily is a very passionate and enthusiastic Performing Arts Instructor. She has been Dancing since the age of 2 and has developed a wide variety of Dance styles ranging from Street, Tap, Ballet and Acrobatics. Emily continues to train at a Dance School where she has earned a number of Dance exam Qualifications including her level 5 in Tap and Acrobatics. Emily joined Kits Academy in a part time role a number of years ago and we now have the pleasure of welcoming her to the Performing Arts team as a full time Instructor.

Sarah – Sarah is a fabulous Instructor with a wealth of experience across Sport, Performing Arts and Dance. Sarah has a strong football based background having played and coached for Leeds United Ladies FC for a number of years. Along with Sarah’s sporting background she has also successfully competed in National Dance Competitions which only enhances our Performing Arts and Dance Programmes meeting the required governing body standards.

Ben – Ben is a highly motivated and organised Instructor with a depth of knowledge in the Curriculum sports. Bens experience is telling through the high standards of Programme delivery catering for children of all ages and abilities. Ben is able to offer a wide variety of Programmes as he holds additional qualifications through specific sport associations.
In his spare time Ben plays rugby at a high semi professional standard for Bromsgrove RFC.


Kady – Kady is an Instructor with a wealth of knowledge in sport who has a real passion for teaching children, aiming to make every session both enjoyable whilst delivering key learning objectives. Kady studied at Worcester University and successfully completed her Sport Development and Coaching degree. In addition Kady has also completed a number of sporting association certificates within different areas of sport to develop into a well rounded Instructor.


Ross – Ross is well versed on all aspects on the National Curriculum for Physical Education through his time working as a PE teacher at a local Primary School. In recent times Ross has recently progressed onto a more demanding role within Kits Academy delivering bespoke engagement Programmes such as Fencing and Curling. Ross is a well rounded individual with an eye for detail which comes across in his lesson planning and high standards of coaching.


 Lauren – Lauren has always been a passionate and keen sportswoman since she was young, competing to a high standard in Boxing and Football. After accomplishing formal eduction Lauren has been awarded a place on our Apprenticeship NVQ Sports Leadership Course. The course guides Lauren through both the academic and practical sides of delivering Sport in educational settings, with the course leading straight into a full time Instructor role at Kits Academy.

Tyler – Tyler is an energetic Instructor who has a vast knowledge in many different Sports. In 2015 Tyler achieved a Level 3 in Sports Development, Fitness & Coaching at Warwickshire College and has built up his teaching experience whilst working at a local primary school as a PE apprentice. This has enabled Tyler to comprehensively deliver all sporting aspects of the national curriculum to a high standard. 

Ben – Ben is an experienced Instructor with an adept background in teaching sports Programmes to the public, schools and nurseries. Ben previously worked for Butlins where he was a team leader alongside being a sports Instructor and lifeguard. In addition Ben has a NPLQ Trainer Assessor and Lifeguard qualification which enables him to lead lifeguard courses for the public. Ben’s experience has developed him into a well rounded coach delivering sports Programmes to an excellent standard. 

Courtney – Courtney has always had a passion for Performing Arts from a young age. She started dancing at the age of 3 training with Three Spires. She continued training further at the pronounced Dance College where she has just graduated from with very high marks.

Courtney also attends a local Dance School where she practices various dance genres from Tap to Lyrical and Street. We are pleased to welcome Courtney into our wonderful Performing Arts team.

Jack – Jack is a talented sportsman and has participated in high levels of sport from a child. Jack completed a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport Development Fitness and Coaching at Nottinghamshire College. Along with Jacks Extended diploma he completed a sports apprenticeship within a school setting, maturing into a noticeable role model to the children. Jack has a real passion for sports and has completed many coaching badges including Dodgeball and Football.
Jack also plays football at a high level for Carlton Town Football Club who operate in the Evo-Stik league.
Charlie – Charlie is an experienced coach with a wealth of knowledge in teaching sport. Charlie accomplished a sports apprenticeship within a school setting enabling him to teach the national sporting Curriculum to a high level. In addition Charlie has experience of teaching in Spain where he was a Football Coach at Paterna Club de Fútbol working with the first team in the 4th Tier or Spanish Football. From his time in Spain Charlie has developed different coaching techniques that he uses in each of his sessions to make them as fun and enjoyable as possible.
Elijah – Elijah is a very passionate coach who loves to get children active and engaged in his coaching sessions. Elijah has recently graduated with a first class degree in sports development and coaching at Worcester University which has developed him into a well rounded coach. Through Elijah’s background in disability coaching he has gained an overall perspective on the true values of sports teaching for children.
Along with this Elijah has a passion for many sports including Martial Arts where he is a black belt in Karate.

Additional Information: All Kits Academy Instructors are required to hold fully enhanced DBS checked, emergency aid/safe guarding children qualifications along with their sports and fitness qualifications which have been obtained through College or University. 

Career Opportunities with Kits Academy 
Kits Academy are an ever growing Company with Sports and Performing Arts Instructors throughout the midlands that make up our fantastic team. With the ever expanding market within Schools and Nurseries we are always looking for new Instructors to join us. We take huge pride in our team and also offer apprenticeships, work experience and a number of training opportunities within the wider community.
If you are interested in becoming part of our fantastic team, whether that’s for employment or for our Apprenticeship Programme, please click the link below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in work experience or have any questions regarding a potential career with Kits Academy, all enquiries must be directed to Human Resources Manager William Vines via email on