Kits Academy provides children with Physical Learning opportunities through movement and develops children’s development in leading healthy and active lifestyles. We provide a comprehensive range of activities for children which are flexible around a Schools daily timetable.


Kits Academy provides each school with a high quality Physical Education service which caters all six strands of the curriculum:

  • Athletics – A range of activities are provided from running, jumping and throwing. Individual exercises are laid out to challenge children and motivate them to develop their athletics in later stages of physical development.
  • Dance – The highly energetic sessions encourage children to improve body skills, understand movement, and work with other children to develop creativity and imagination skills.
  • Gymnastics – Exercises focus on body actions from jumping, turning, swinging and balancing. Children are encouraged to focus on control and management of their body in different challenging situations.
  • Sports Games – Children’s skills are developed in accordance with the stage of the child. Structured exercises are delivered to allow children to progress their skills in key areas from basic techniques and introduction into sports to possession and teamwork for older children. Exercises work through outlined areas such as invasion games, net games, striking and fielding games, target games and shared court games in accordance with school requirements.
  • Outdoor and Adventure – This new strand of the curriculum is in accordance with our experienced outdoor pursuits Instructor who can formalise and plan exercises from walking, cycling, orienteering along with other outdoor challenges which meet children’s need and interests.
  • Aquatics – Children are taught how to swim and encouraged through fun exercises to enjoy the water based activities. We feel it is important to develop children’s swimming skills and competence in the water.

All of the strands can fit into PPA and P.E requirements and can flexibly fit round your school needs for any age group from Reception to Year 6.


Within the Curriculum requirements Kits Academy has developed a Physical Education Programme which encourages children to strengthen their skills in an enjoyable environment whilst meeting the aims and objectives of the curriculum. A full list of the Physical Education Programmes on offer can be seen below:


  • Little Laces Programme – Key Stage One Football based around fun exercises in football and multi sports.
  • Little Tags Programme – Sessions are specifically developed by our RFU Instructors to improve children’s motor skills in fun and energetic exercises.
  • Little Racquets Programme – Fun exercises improving hand eye co-ordination.
  • Multi Sports Programme – Sports sessions covering a wide range of sports from cricket to hockey which develops children’s understanding of different sports.
  • Mini Soccer Programme – Key Stage Two Football developing children’s technical skills and introducing team concepts.
  • Court Sports Programme – Children focus on Basketball, Handball and Netball learning physical and technical skills.
  • Basketball Programme – Sessions involve practices and games to teach basketball skills whilst making sure fun elements are involved as well for the children.
  • Racquets Programme – Children develop their hand eye co-ordinations through tennis, badminton and table tennis.
  • Table Tennis Programme – A range of innovative Table Tennis exercises and activities which are easy to learn as an individual or as part of a team.
  • Hockey Programme – Children are introduced to mini hockey with basic exercises to build upon core skills. This is then progressed through into technical based practices for children to refine their core skills.
  • Archery Programme – The Archery Programme is being introduced into Primary Schools from the age of 6 years old upwards. Archery is an Olympic Sport which saw English Archers win many medals in recent games. ARCHERY appeals to all abilities and is a sport which can be easy to learn as an individual or as part of a team.
  • Fencing Programme – The aim of the Fencing Programme is to introduce children to the sport and familiarise themselves with the exercise and equipment. Each child will be able to demonstrate a range of termed fencing moves and actions which will enable them to progress onto high level technical based exercises.
  • Gymnastics Programme – Introduces children to explore movement on the floor and through a variety of equipment in age appropriate sessions.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics Programme – A performance related discipline combing co-ordination, agility, and artistry in activating movements of poise and elegance.
  • Trampolining Programme – Trampolining is an Olympic sport in which gymnasts perform acrobatics while bouncing on a Trampoline. This Programme is lead by a highly qualified experienced gymnast who has represented Great Britain at World Championships and the Olympics.
  • Boxing Programme – Children engage in challenging tasks to progress overall development in age appropriate sessions from footwork movement to techniques used in safe punches. The Programme can be also be used to engage disaffected children providing discipline and achievement.
  • New Age Curling Programme – Curling has proven to be a great success appealing to children of all abilities in an easy to learn structure from individual exercises to team play.
  • Children’s Cycling Programme – The Programme is all about getting more children into cycling whilst providing further opportunity to increasing physical participation levels in an important life skill.

         Healthy Life Style 

  • Active Lifestyle Programme-Regular exercise through sport and play are important for the health of children. Healthy eating supports good exercise and is important for developing muscles and bones. The Active Lifestyle Programme aims to educate children on food at work in our bodies and our source for energy through practical lesson exercises and physical activity.
  • Fitness Multi Testing-Improves children’s fitness levels as a collective group, provides support to set groups and individuals whilst analysing School physical activity provisions in relation to performance data analytics.
  • Children’s Cooking Programme Learning how to prepare healthy meals is an important core skill in life, and the earlier children start the better. By acquiring this invaluable skill, children can gain an understanding of the importance of a healthy balanced diet.



  • Little Dramatics Programme – Key Stage One sessions take children on exciting adventures where their imagination has the starring role. Children pretend, play drama games, sing songs, dance, role-play and have lots and lots of fun.
  • Music and Movement Programme – Incorporating a blend of singing, rhythm and Dance into a physically creative Programme.
  • Dance and Performing Arts Programme – Children develop their knowledge of different Dance forms and learn key characteristics and styles relevant to each type of expressive art.
  • Cheerleading Programme – We engage children in a different form of physical exercise with relating aspects to other areas of the curriculum. Cheerleading encourages children to organise themselves, take responsibility and act as part of a team.
  • Street Dance Programme – Children’s movement and expression is developed through learning new techniques and styles which enhances confidence and performance ability.
  • Wake and Shake Programme – Children explore a series of dance patterns designed around core movement skills. After a Wake and Shake session children will feel re-energised and ready to learn, adopting a positive approach to the day.
  • Creative Role Play Programme – The structure of the Creative Role Play Programme can be used to great effect, challenging children to develop a more sensitive understanding whilst sharpening their language and movement skills.
  • Drama Programme – Children are offered the chance to take part in an art form, through practical activities in an intellectual discipline.
  • Children’s Literature Drama Programme – Providing a wonderful range of creative workshops which encourage children to read great literature whilst opening up ideas and experiences to dramatic play learning theatre elements.  
  • Yoga Programme – A fantastic form of exercise for all types of children to participate in. Yoga enriches physical health and emotional wellbeing in a unique form of cross training for all ages.
  • Arts and Crafts Programme – This Programme is lead by a Professional Illustrator and is made up of six strands to develop children’s expressive abilities in drawing, painting, colour, print, clay, construction, fabric and fibre. Children explore visual elements such as line, shape, colour, tone, rhythm and texture and develop experiences, imagination and observations through visual art and historical art work.
  • Construction Programme – Children design purposeful, functional and appealing products whilst improving knowledge and understanding through the process of design.



The Kits Academy Programmes can fit into Breakfast Clubs, Lunchtime Clubs and in an After School capacity. The Programmes can be adjusted to suit school needs weather that be fixed or on a rotational basis.


All School Services Instructors are very experienced in meeting the needs of your School requirements and hold full sports qualifications, DBS checks and emergency aid trained. Our staff have a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of the curriculum which can benefit children greatly and be an asset to any School. School Services Instructors are punctual and kept consistent to allow children to be able to identify the Instructor leading the sessions and relate to the structure and terminology used to enable a greater child development. The designated School Service Instructor shall also adhere to School behaviour and child management policy as and when required.


Costs are broken down for Schools from the type of session and amount required. A competitive package is formed from an initial meeting to adhere to School finance. Extended Services costs are quite often relayed to a parental figure with a small cost attached approved by the School. All costs are negotiable and we endeavour to provide an accessible cost to support our aims and objectives.


All Kits Academy sessions follow a set structure which guides children through a warm up activity, technical based practice, skills based practice and where appropriate game situation exercise to carry learning points over. Equality is always important and we give this full consideration when planning the sessions to meet your school needs. We endeavour build positive attitudes towards all activities for boys and girls.


Kits Academy facilitates the need to offer the same quality Physical Education Service to children who require special needs to match ability. Our Instructors are experienced in delivering sessions to this band of children and encourage maximum participation in order for each child to gain the opportunity to benefit from a balanced physical Education Programme.


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