Booking & payment

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February Half Term 2017

Rugby High School, Longrood Road, Bilton. CV22 7RE

Football: Monday-Friday, £10 a day or just £45 for the week.
Dance: Monday-Friday, £10 a day or just £45 for the week.
Multisport: Monday-Friday, £7 a day or just £30 for the week.
Archery & fencing: Monday & Tuesday, £24 for 2 day course.
Trampolining: Wednesday & Thursday, £24 for 2 day course.
Gymnastics: Friday, £12.

To book please follow the instructions below:

1. On the booking / payment page select the activity you would like from the venue drop down menu.
2. This will then take you through to the Purchase details PayPal page.
3. On the Purchase details PayPal page you can change the quantity of spaces required. X1 quantity is the equivalent to X1 date, you can also pay for more than one child by simply entering the total quantity of dates required.
4. After changing the quantity of dates required this will alter the total amount due.
5. Please then select continue to proceed with the transaction.
6. Once the payment transaction is complete please email through to your child’s name, DOB and dates required.

Note: Payments processed are monitored hourly to ensure all payment details are allocated correctly. Once allocated you will receive confirmation.

If you need any assistance please email us at or contact CJ on 07772 873271.




Finally print off and fill out this form and bring it with you on the day. Please note that all existing children will need to a new form every February.

We look forward to seeing you during the Summer School Holidays!

Albert Bradbeer After School Clubs