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Archery – Discover the secret to shooting a bow and arrow in this fun introductory Archery course! Your child will be guided through the 10 steps of shooting techniques which develops children’s mental arithmetic by co-operating and following careful instructions.

We use specific Archery equipment in junior sizes as safety is our priority. Each child will be tutored by one of our Archery instructors and will progress through all the fundamental areas in Archery.

 – The aim of the Fencing Course is to introduce children to the sport and familiarise themselves with the exercises and equipment. Each child will be able to demonstrate a range of termed Fencing moves and actions which will enable them to progress onto higher level technical based exercises.


All Archery and Fencing instructors are experienced at instructing age appropriate sessions to meet children of all needs. They hold Archery and British Fencing specific qualifications, full DBS checks, Child Protection Certified, and are First Aid Trained.



Learn new skills through the discipline of Boxing. The course is structured to develop progressive skills through challenging tasks from footwork movement to techniques used in safe punches.

The Boxing for Fitness course follows an award scheme offering a variety of skill developments. Children accomplish award levels in Bronze, Silver and Gold to recognise the technical progression achieved.


 Sparring and contact between participants is not incorporated into Boxing for Fitness at any point with only focus pads used as hit targets. The main core of equipment is age appropriate focus pads and boxing gloves

The Boxing Fitness Instructor has a full DBS check and is a qualified Boxing Instructor who is Child Protection Certified and First Aid Trained. High standard instruction based sessions are delivered to children in a safe and fun environment. Children are split into age groups with all equipment provided.



Kits Dance Academy is a School Holiday club which encourages children to have fun in a exciting Dance Programme for children aged 5-12 years old.

We specialise in fresh and exciting modern Dance, street Dance, Hip Hop, Street Dance and Cheerleading!


All attending children take part in a concluding dance show to demonstrate the different types of dance and routines they have been working on. A small presentation concludes with certificates and trophies.



Kits Football provides children from Reception to Year 8 with a focused opportunity to develop current skills and enhance their playing ability.

  • Learn / Improve football skills at any level.
  • Fun activities / theme days.
  • Win Trophies and awards.
  • Healthy life style advice.
  • Learn through play literacy / numeracy.
  • Make new friends improve social skills.

Little Laces, Reception to Year 2 – Children learn new skills through Footballing topics which are delivered in technical practices in the morning and skill to match situations in the afternoon. All planned exercises are designed to suit children’s ability and maximise participation.

Juniors, Year 3 to 8 – The group builds on children’s current skills individually and within a team. Exercises focus on speci c Footballing topics each day and progress through technical aspects, skill based exercises & tactical awareness meeting each child’s playing ability.



Children learn new skills and develop through exciting technical practices. Participants progress through Gymnastics Proficiency awards with 10 types of activities and 8 Levels of attainment.

The course develop core skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination through pulse raising activities.

All incorporated into individual skill tasks, drills and routine construction, guaranteeing great fun for all!



Develop through the basic fundamental actions and progress onto shapes and landings in the technical practices. Each child will progress through age appropriate Trampoline proficiency awards with each awards offering a variety of skill development. The course is designed to provide all round grounding for children wishing to learn the basics and develop their skill levels. Gymnastics elements are incorporated into the course for reference.


All equipment used is risk assessed to avoid injury. All Trampoline instructors supervise each child individually to ensure safety aspects are maintained. Instructors hold British Gymnastics and Trampoline Qualifications, full DBS checks and First Aid Trained. Children are split into age groups.


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Please ensure that your child brings with them a healthy packed lunch and plenty to drink in a refillable bottle.


Children need suitable footwear such as trainers and dressed in causal sports wear.

Football: Children need suitable footwear such as trainers and dressed in causal sports wear. Please note Football at the Rugby venue takes place on Astro Turf with only Trainers or Astro Trainers useable.

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